Canads ISP affected during Live Events

Hello, We apologize for any inconvenience that may caused as you are facing an issue with the service in your country (Canada). Rest assured everything is working fine and the service is up and running. This only happens to customers using Canadian ISPs when there are ongoing live events. that blocks streaming for IPTV due to recently updated ... Read More »

21st Oct 2023
Payment Process

Hello Valued Clients, If you are interested to buy a plan, just manually place an order to your Kuyawstreamz account and once system generate a unique invoice to your order, You may tap the Paypal checkout logo to start paying via Paypal if you have Paypal account. You can simply login to your Paypal account and pay otherwise you have to ... Read More »

29th Nov 2022
Thank you for choosing KuyawStream!

There are many benefits to cutting the cord of your cable company but with that comes added expenses of all the many MANY streaming services that are popping up in the place of traditional cable. It seems that a new service pops up every week and not just keeping track of them is difficult but having to pay for them all to get all the shows and ... Read More »

14th Jun 2022